(contracts, tax, migration, inheritance)

In the field of International Law, our firm provides legal assistance and consultancy in administrative proceedings and lawsuits, to both individuals and companies demands, such as:


  • Contracts: Analysis and elaboration of international contracts, which includes commercial contracts, administrative contracts and labor contracts.

  • Tax: Customs procedures, imports and exports.

  • Migration Law: Migratory regularization (visa, residence authorization, compulsory measures of removal), labor migration and naturalization procedures.

  • Family and Inheritance Law with international implications: International succession, marriage, divorce and international adoption.  


(contracts, company mergers, corporate law, insolvencies)

At the practice area of Business Law, our firm provides both preventive advocacy and judicial litigation with issues concerning business contracts, corporate law, actions related to credit titles, fiduciary disposal, franchise market and all other types of commercial contracts.


(tax crimes, taxation, tax planning)

Our Tax Law services encompasses legal assistance, which includes both judicial and administrative demands, as well as legal consultancy, aiming company assets protection, tax overpayments restitutions, suspension of improper taxes charges, adoption or continuity in public debt installment programs and other related measures. 

Concerning Criminal Tax Law, as a great differential, our team work with the interaction between other practice areas of the firm, approaching criminal issues through a broad perspective, taking into consideration the risks and possible consequences for companies and not only to individuals. We provide legal assistance with issues related to accusations of tax crimes, for example:


  • Police investigations monitoring;

  • Monitoring of procedures at the Public Prosecution (Ministério Público);

  • Defense at criminal lawsuits involving tax defaults;

  • Defense in criminal cases of tax evasion;

  • Preventive legal consultancy.


(biddings and public contracts)

In the field of Public Law, our firm also works with the Administrative Law, especially on the monitoring and elaboration of administrative defenses and appeals on Public Biddings Procedures, as well with the monitoring and defense of private individuals and legal entities that have contracts signed  with the Public Administration. In both situations, when necessary, we also work with the promotion of lawsuits related to Public Bidding Procedures and Public Contracts.


(inventory, testament and succession planning)

In the field of Inheritance Law, our team provides, among other activities, assistance with family property planning as well as succession planning, testament elaboration and assistance in judicial or extrajudicial inventory and simplified probate proceedings.